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On a daily basis

Captains log...

20 March 1992
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  • Binxbasilisk
My name is Bianca Garcia and I'm from the 305.
Online I'm known as BinxBA$ILI$K, or Binx, what have you.
I only accept friend requests from people I know, most of my journals are friends only, some aren't.
This is me writing about the times I've spent, the places I've been, sometimes I come to jot down my random rants since I don't have word pad.
One of my goals in life is to help people, I want to listen to your problems and advise you, don't ever hesitate to come to me with anything, as random as it might seem.

If you'd like to contact me:
Click here please.

I'm BinxBasilisk and I think the world is beautiful.