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Sticky Post!

I luv mah boo Adri. :]

& hur elephantes

Priscilla wuz here.

I should be ashamed of this, I'm not.

There's no double meaning to what I say.
There's nothing deep and spiritual behind my words.
I'm free I'm smart, I'm what I've striven to be.
Talk to me about politics, I have opinions, but I don't care for things that I can't bother changing.

Why would I want to waste my time learning about politicians and all the shit they do on their spare time, all the shit they do to this country.
I live here, anything that's going to affect me is going to go in the news, if it's not then there's nothing I can do about it anyways, so fuck it, once enough shit goes down in the news I'll move, or do what ever I can so I can get the better end.

Chances are things are worse somewhere else, I know I wouldn't want to live in China or Africa and probably a shit load of other places.

I'm straight forward, I have pride.
I'm stubborn as shit.

I'm not sorry for not knowing all the details to everything in this universe.
I am sorry that you do.
I deal with matters of the heart, the heart felt side of life.
I'm an analytical son of a bitch.

Ask for pie I'll bring cake.
Ask for humor, I'll lulz you to a coma.
As for peace I'll give you pie.

I don't forgive, I don't forget, but I can look past things.

You can call me what you like, I still love you.
And I love the ground you walk on.

I may not know the composition of dirt, but I know it's worth.

I write shitty poetry that you all might give fake compliments to.
I'll help you when even the trash on the street turns it's head away from you.

I have ears, I have a mouth, I use them both accordingly.
But be warned, three's the limit, I help those who choose to listen, I help those who ask.
I will not help anyone who sits there and does not take my words for what they are.


Me: You need to stop doing drugs.

Fuck you.
Go do drugs, your brain's already dead.

Don't come to me telling me I need help.
I don't lead a double life, I have bad habits, so do you.
I'm not going insane I'm not planing on driving off a cliff.
My mother would gun me down before I even got near a cliff.

Don't treat me like shit and then talk to me like nothing is wrong, I will chew you up.

I HATE when people do that, I also hate when people "forget" all the bad things that have ever happened.
Negatives are what have shaped you as a person.
Why forget something you should be thankful for.
Your father raped you, YES I'M SO THANKFUL.
No you dumb ass, if that's what you thought, please don't ever add me or talk to me.

You should appreciate the negatives in your life because without them you wouldn't be the person you are today you wouldn't have the morals or thought process you have now.
Assuming you are proud of who you are.
If you're not then, why are you this way?
Not that I care because who you are is none of my concern.

I'm not a vegetarian because I think humans should eat plants and not animals because it's wrong.
I'm a vegetarian because I don't want animals to suffer on my behalf, and because the thought of eating something that was once alive grosses me out to no end.

Screaming and shaking is something I do when there's roaches and lizards and other critters around.

I love my friends but I know none of them are permanent.
Except for David.
People come and go, but I'm etched into David's life.
We don't have much in common, we suck and conversation most of the time.
I don't know why we're friends but if I were ever to be asked if I had a brother I'd gladly say his name.
I'm not going to tell him about this blog, knowing him he'd never read past this far.

I'm not one to be fond of girls, I think they're all pretty irritating.
I'd rather hang out with guys most of the time, but through out the years I've realized there's more of them that have actually turned out to be quite the non-bitch.

I make fun of EVERYONE.
Don't feel bad you're not alone.

I will not cheat on my boyfriend, don't get your hopes up.
Who ever I'm with right now, is my everything, my life, my heart, my little ____ (insert cute word).

I delete people from life, but I cannot ignore anyone.
The only person I've somewhat managed to ignore is pretty much completely out fo my life.
I wonder if he still sleeps with that panda.
I hope he didn't throw it away, because that's just not fair to the panda.

I honestly don't know why I'm writing this.


Heaven sent
We're seemingly waiting
Just to be broken
Seeking redemption
(Hear me hear me)
I've done some breaking
(of my own)
Blindly standing around
Wanting to break down

Save me Save me
I'm falling up now
I'm sorry for wanting
Every things obtained

Draw me Draw me
Before I disappear

This is the last time
Last thing we've all wanted
Don't provoke me
(it's ours for the taking)
Don't entice me
(it's yours for the taking)

Paying with a
thousand million one tons

Save me save me
I'm falling up now
I'm sorry for wanting
Every things obtained

Shape me shape me
Every thing's finally coming clear

The world has come
this is us for what we are
take us now or leave is to ripe

this is the time we've come from blind
shining the light upon out eyes

come rain

come shine

come rain come shine tonight

v--- Wtf, lol.

I want love thicker than the skies
chopped up bangs
and a carpenters eyes

I want to suck dick
while driving stick
and layering bricks
fucking with men
and insecurities

Dealing with septics
touching non believers
and kicking the faithful

What do you want from me
Satan bound me
God hath criticized me

Needing me
Wanting me
Leaving me

For comfort
For selfish needs
For foliage

For you
You bottom dwelling scum
you negligent Tweedledumb

one to many beers
You're gone.
I'm drowning in the words I've thought to myself, drowning in guilt, I hate this brain, free will. Not to think is what I wish, not to dream, not to wander, I want to be perfect. Not a stitch in sight, I want to be whole, I meddle with what's not to be touched, and swim on solid ground. Why do I choose to swim when I can clearly walk, the perfect path, so paved and near, yet far from me.

Still I choose to flip and flop on this shallow street, sights set on you and me and everyone we've ever heard of.

I hate me, for having the legs I've wished for, yet aiming towards the sea.
I've thought about this for quite sometime, but people who choose to be edge, or people who just flat out don't drink or smoke have a really hard time finding someone.

I've been faced with so many situations where I really really liked this set guy but he smoked errday allday, it would never work out with someone like that because they have completely dif lifestyles than I or anyone else with the same life choices.
Well actually it only happened like twice, the first time I went out with him, the second guy well, I don't know what it was about him, he tries to be an ass hole, and not the smartest ever, but I really liked him.

You'd think there'd be more people who didn't do drugs or drink, given the fact that there's over 34534058 billion people out there, and of course I'm referring to my age group.

It's not fair.
I wonder what makes me think so differently, that I can't bring alcohol to my lips, that I can't smoke and feel the need the want to experience this high that everyone swears off of.

I probably will never get that answer for sure.
Some say
Everything is gonna be okay
others say
nothing's ever gonna change
Then I say
Every thing is as it should be
even if you pick out seeds
the melon's still half green
dear me
it's so lonely
up inside this this torn up sky

How do you expect company
when all the others sin and squirm
digging at their catacombs
while as for me I'm staring out this
murky glass in one to many failed attempts to find you
just find you

ever since I caught a glimpse
of someone even close to you
I sighed,
and ever ever ever since
I've been looking down
I know you're everything I'll ever need
You're my world I'm going green
coming in my dreams at night
leaving with the morning light

Life's Many Limes

No stares
no share
no teddy bears
no hugs
no tied hairs

no fights
no cakes
no wear and tear
no dreams
no team
no you
no me

no this
no that
no lion hats

no juice
no games
no times to play
no days

no stars
no moon
no gaze
no more blanket lays

no midnight snack
no morning text
no kept pack
no next weekends

no tv
no complete page
no song

no movie night
no water fights
no heard plight

no love
no tarts
no orange hearts

no life
just time
and many limes.


Oh dear do I fear
these quite insightful decomposers
oozing out from this festering caracas
they have drawn me
as I once was
unmolded and ill equiped
the maggots screamed nurse pass the scapule
quick more suction here
little did I know what I was in for

un tapped wires
I gauged my eyes out
to ensure reality
little did I know
odipes portrayed this once before

let me out
let me out

your clamy grasp can't hold me down for ever
prostetics drenched in frmeldahide
won't pacify my lifeless outbursts

let me out
let me out

Or else I dream for ever
the meal worms attemt had failed to seal
the gash upon my neck

what am i to do
what am I to do
sealed in my tomb
with pests for ever

let me out let me out

or else ill dream for ever

let me out
let me out

They finally believed me
Bringing up from the foundation
a fellow barer of the crest
Splitting image of her father
but this ones not like the rest
For once convicted of adultery and now it's coming back at best...

Donna Donna
Why have you done this to me
Darling darling
I think it better if you'd left me

Now I'm sitting here at the end of this pier
Wondering why the sun the moon the stars had wished this upon me
Now the perfect image of a family is faded from the picture
And forever written on this scripture is the pain the angst the and
foolish acts contributed by you

Donna Donna
Why have you done this to me
Darling darling
I think it better if you'd left me

Dreaming dreaming
Dreaming dreaming...

of a better place
a better time
When seemingly it was only you and I

it's past the point of anger
breaking bones and throwing fists
because it's over done I'm walking out for good

Donna Donna
why have you done this to me
Donna Donna
I think it better if you'd left me

You're the image of a mantis
with ill intended prayers
I've given chances
In hopes you'd throw a man a bone
Lived in pools of repressed lies
But tonight I sleep alone.

Donna Donna
why have done this to me
Donna Donna
I think it better if you'd left me

dreaming dreaming
dreaming dreaming


Srsly gaiiz