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I luv mah boo Adri. :]

& hur elephantes

Priscilla wuz here.
I changed the password to omgwtf200


So I don't see no aim on here, and you deleted your old account.

Yeah whatever I'm gay.

If I knew how to do anything other than love I would. If I could be anywhere with anyone it'd be you. We'd stay at Burj Al Arab on the water in Dubai. -

How to Love Chameleons.

There's this pet shop across pines boulevard, I walk in there often just to glance around but I never really payed much attention to how the animals were kept, until they brought the most amazing bird I'd ever seen. Her name was Meli, she was a pink cockatoo, at first I didn't notice her because I'd never look to the left when I walked in. She had been the bird of my dreams ever since I was small, I had this best friend all throughout elementary, her name was Andrea, Andrea Hernandez. We did everything together, I sent countless days at her house because she lived right around the corner, four streets down from my first home. One day her mother took us to an exotic bird place, It was somewhere downtown, they had a petting area and I got to hold a pink cockatoo. It was so beautiful. That was quickly and subtly swept into the back of my memories. Years went by and I never saw a cockatoo at all. I turned 8 or 9 and by that time I was still spending my after school hours at my grandparents house. Can't tell you how stimulating that was. I would go on walks with my Grandfather, around the block or the one across the way. We'd befriend the neighborhood dogs and wave to those who did the same. There was a hole about ten feet from my grandfather's house and it was always filled with trash, on one week day afternoon a truck came with a huge yellow crane. It looked like one of those bobcat company trucks and it'd scoop up the trash and heave it into the back. We walked in that direction sometimes, clockwise if you're looking out the window. One day there was something strange on the side walk near that hole, it was grey and limp, I didn't understand so I looked really close, it was a dead chameleon. Ever since then I've head the worst fear of dead things, I don't really like chameleons that much either. I guess it's because I'd never really thought about chameleons and since the first thought I'd ever really had about one was somewhere along the lines of "ew, that's limp grey and dead". But despite that negative feeling I simply loved reptiles. My grandpa would take me to this pet store in a strip mall by a Kmart, it's closed down now but that pet store was great, it was owned by some ozzy and his wife. I remember buying some turtles there once. My grandparents went there often because old people love Kmart so I would get to look around about once or twice a week. One day they had a new addition to the family of cute caged animals. I never knew her name but, it was a pink cockatoo. I didn't know anything about them, but I instantly remembered that time when I had one perched atop my arm. I picked up some of the scraps from the bottom of the cage and handed them to her, it was just the remains of dried prunes and peanut shells, thinking back now it seems like quite the tease but I didn't think of that back then neither did she, she would gracefully aproach my hand and slowly take what ever I had from my fingers, it was about the second time that she missed and accidentally caught my skin with her beak. I quickly pulled away in shock, I'd never thought parrots would be peaceful creatures. But I thought about the instance I felt her bite, it wasn't hard, and she pulled away as soon as she realized it wasn't a fruit. That's when I fell in love. I realized that those were the most majestic and beautiful animals in the world. Ever since then I'd beg my mom for one, but she came up with these abrupt answers that she never researched and came up with on her own accord. "They're loud" "The smell" "They're expensive" I must have herd those three over a thousand times. I gave up, but now I've grown, I'm 17, 18 next March. I've moved, I've lost relatives, I've loved, I've loathed, and I've lost many cats. But I still go to pet stores, apparently. Recently I've developed the hobby of collecting exotic animals, I don't have any yet, all I have are 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 dwarf hamsters and 2 dwarf bunnies. I plan on getting an Albino horned frog, a Chinese water dragon, two red ear sliders a bearded dragon and a few hermit crabs. Then I want to buy a daily planer and write down their feeding times so I can learn how to manage time and gain experience in animal care. Naturally I want to be an animal care specialist by the time I graduate from college to become a scientist of sorts. I was searching Google for pet stores around my area that would have albino horned toads, and I came across "Pet Wonder", that was the store across the street and it had terrible reviews, and I was shocked when I returned for my routine visit. All the animals are kept in broken cages, they're probably not kept at the right temperatures and humiditys, it's making them sick, I checked the turtles in the back and was surprised to find that despite their clean and nice habitat their shells were not healthy, they had holes and it seemed like they had been through some wear. They keep a pair of their lizards in a window display, exposed to the sun which is not good for them. They also had this snake with green algae growing on it's water dish. It pains me to see Meli in a cage, being passed by people day by day, with no permanent friends. They don't even cover her at night. I went to the movies to see the new pixar film, "up", when I walked out of the theater I walked towards the store and peeked through the window, it was dark but I still saw her, alone in the dark, just waiting. I want to be her permanent friend more than anything right now but my mother's unemployed and we don't have $2,500 to be spending on yet another pet. I feel her pain, I feel alone in my cage I can't even walk around. May-be someday I'll take her somewhere fun where she can spread her wings and talk. I want to love her and give her a permanent home. I too feel isolated, and unprotected, I don't feel like I have a permanent home, I just live in the house my mother shares with that man she's going to marry, or has married, I'm not sure if they're legal or not. Don't trust anyone in this world to protect me, I don't feel they think I'm worth it. Although I know I am, I am as grand as they come, I know I will make this world a better place by sharing love and raising awareness the awareness of love, I want to become a scientist so that I can learn about the animals in this world and tell stories to people who have never thought about these sorts of things, and hopefully it will be the first time they think of such things because there's nothing like a first impression. I will teach the whole world how to loves chameleons.

Trippy dream

So I don't remember half of it but the setting was like

-on a navy ship
-everything was grey and dull looking
-there was a storm

I think the people there were a little boy who knew me but I don't really remember him, a man and two old men and myself.

We were on the ship being trans-located to somewhere else due to business or something I really didn't know why we were on there. I slept in the room with the little boy and our bunks were really the most uncomfortable looking things I'd ever seen.

Throughout the day we played and walked around aimlessly on the ship trying to make use of our time. It was usually sunny in the late morning so we would take a little plastic pool and play in it on the southernmost part of the ship to avoid the wind and we'd just sit there and splash about, but we were never alone, there was a man there he never turned to look our way just stared at the ocean we were leaving behind. I didn't really mind him being there and since it was a dream I'm sure the boy didn't mind much either but one never knows. About 30 minutes went by and the clouds started coming in, we figured we had about 10 minutes before we had to drain our pool and head inside. Five minutes pass and the thunder started snarling. As we were about to get up one of the old men came out and stood next to the man, by the time he was next to him and staring out at the sea the boy and I had already gotten out of the pool and had a towel around us, I made sure to dry my feet because I wanted less lint on my feet from the nasty matted carpeting. We continued to dry ourselves and the men stayed half leaning on the railing, the only thing separating them from the ominous depths of the unknown. I was half done when I noticed the younger man was now looking at the older one, I found this to be interesting since he never looked away form the waters, then the old man looked back at me and then to the younger man. My instinct told me "OH SHIT" and I grabbed the boys wrist and scurried to the door I tried to hide the fact that we were trying to escape but I know I probably didn't do a good job because when we opened the door the second old man was standing there, neither of the three men ever had an expression on their mugs. I dashed towards the other door but realized the boy had been grabbed by the man in the doorway, I glanced at the other two men and the old man had grabbed the younger one and had him in an uncomfortable position. I didn't care at this point and I ran inside. I hid myself, I heard the boy behind me on the other side of the hallway we ran off the carpet and into the bathrooms, he hid in the stall to my right and we sat there in silence. We had run all the way to the other side of the boat and turned to the opposite corridor. I thought they'd think we were in a room covered in blankets on a bunker, but I knew better than to hide in a place where there was no escape once found. We sat there in silence, I felt we were safe for a while, until I heard the steady pace of sailor boots and I was frantic, I couldn't imagine how he found us? Then it dawned on me. The boy, he had dried his body, but didn't get a chance to dry his feet. The carpet had wiped off the excess drops of water but the carpet ended when we turned the corner, that's where we hit the wooden floor, the humidity from his feet left prints, prints leading to us. That one thing that can ruin it all, that one element that cuts your life short. "His feet, his feet" the last thought that would probably run through my head. The boots made a squeaking sound as they entered the black tile floor. The prints were so pronounced that he didn't even need to check the stalls, the old man made a bee line to the fifth stall. I heard him kick down the door, I heard the struggle, then I heard them leave. I heard them leave. I realized they knew he was there but they didn't bother to see if I was. "It'd be too obvious" they thought, I'm guessing. After that I left taking a peek out the door and I hurried to my bunker. I really don't know why I didn't know what I was going to do but I got there and then I realized that we were no longer moving. I just ran towards an exit and I jumped, I leaped into the ocean and swam back to shore. We were in an empty parking lot by the fair grounds, I realized this was near my house, not the house I live in currently but my first home. I went there and everything was were it belonged. I slept I was awakened by a strange feeling in the middle of the afternoon and I looked out the door of my room to see a strange person with a knife I slammed the door and ran out of my window, my current neighbor is a cop but for some reason he lived next door to me in my old house. I banged on the door and ran the door bell, the second they opened up I ran in and slammed the door. The inside of their house was like being in a trailer, it had the tiny windows and the kitchen was in the middle of the hallway like structure. I began to tell them what happened when the strange person opened the side door and sliced the woman who lived with the cop. The cop shot him and he was defeated. He walked towards the back room to sulk and I saw him off, but when I turned back towards the dead body of my worst nightmare, it was gone. You'd think it was Friday the Thirteenth, some cheesy cult movie scene or something but it wasn't he was really gone, out there, where I'll be soon. The weather stayed gloomy and humid. I felt unsafe in my house, remembering that a friend of mine had moved here I had my heard set on seeing him, because for some reason I couldn't remember anyone else, he lived in one of the apartments bordering the parking lot near the fair grounds. I made my way there by foot and sure enough he was there. I told him all that had been going on as we stood in the lot. Then he broke it to me, he thought I knew, "Oh, I'm leaving" I was thrown back and pissed and scared because that strange guy could come back at any moment. I was spazzing and crying I wanted to crawl into a little ball and die. I desperately tried to convince him to stay but to no avail. I looked down hopeless and when I looked back up it seemed as though I was in south beach. There was not a person to be seen and the neon lights on the signs flickered. He stayed with me for that day and we walked around it was so empty and strange. Every where I looked I saw death, I saw that strange person, the embodiment of hopelessness, I waited for it to be real and for him to come and kill me.
I had flashbacks, I saw the old men killing the boy and that man, they ripped them apart and spilled their blood like it was nothing. Everyone's face so expressionless. I looked over to my friend and I noticed his was partially expressionless aside from his wrinkled brow when he talked. I let go of his hand. I realized why I was still alive.
Because I never gave up. Because I ran because I saved myself, because I was scared. All things that are kept a live by the burning fire of hope. I hoped to live and fear gave me the courage to run. To flee in hopes of leaving this in the past and furthering my life. It's fear that kept me being careful, cautious, it's what keeps me smiling when I'm safe and pumped with adrenaline when I'm in danger. I smiled and looked over to my friend but he was already gone, and that's fine. I'll just fear until I find comfort in familiarity again. And when all that I know is gone, I'll make some acquaintances.


There once was a man in Cancun
who was convinced he was stuck in a shoe?
he went out of his mind attempting to find
the exit so that he could leave
found on the beach he was said to head
non other than the doctor's decree
with his hand on his brow
and the doctor's quick frown
upon his release he quickly wrote down
god help this blind man to town.

Cristmas list 08'

My Japanese Coach
Price: $29.99
Platform: DS

Learn Japanese in a fun and interactive way. Learn Japanese using carefully structured lessons that guide the player through vocabulary and calligraphy exercises. Learn the basic pronunciations unique to the Japanese language. Use the Nintendo DS stylus to write Japanese Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji Characters. Entertaining and relevant mini-games – play through a series of fun and informative mini-games that reinforces the lesson content for the player.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2
Price: $29.99
Platform: DS

GUILT is no more. Dr. Derek Stiles and Nurse Angie Thompson faced humanity's greatest threat and triumphed. Now, in the aftermath, they find themselves in unknown territory, forced to deal with the disastrous consequences of the killer virus. Join them as they scramble to address questions left unanswered and put an end to the mystery behind the disease.

Princess Debut
Price: $29.99
Platform: DS

In the game, you find yourself in a fantasy world where you have 30 days to get ready for the big ball; you'll have to master a variety of dances and pick a partner from one of six charming princes. You'll meet and woo the princes of your dreams through the game's large, branching storyline and involving event system. Once you've convinced a prince to be your dancing partner, it's time to go out on the dance floor!

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Price: $49.99
Platform: Wii

There's always something new to do. In the living, breathing world of Animal Crossing: City Folk, days and seasons pass in real time, so there's always something to discover. Catch fireflies in the summer, go trick-or-treating on Halloween or hunt for eggs on Bunny Day. If you're in the mood for something a little faster paced, take a bus to a new urban city area that's unique to Animal Crossing: City Folk. There you can catch a show at the theater or check out the sales at Gracie's boutique. But if you don't show your face back home for too long, your neighbors will miss you.

Soul Calibur IV
Price: $59.99
Platform: Xbox 360

The world’s premier weapon based fighting game franchise returns to deliver a true next generation fighting experience. Set to finally reveal the origins of the Soulcalibur saga, Soulcalibur IV features both new and familiar faces from across the galaxy, seeking the rival swords for vengeance, honor and salvation.

I should be ashamed of this, I'm not.

There's no double meaning to what I say.
There's nothing deep and spiritual behind my words.
I'm free I'm smart, I'm what I've striven to be.
Talk to me about politics, I have opinions, but I don't care for things that I can't bother changing.

Why would I want to waste my time learning about politicians and all the shit they do on their spare time, all the shit they do to this country.
I live here, anything that's going to affect me is going to go in the news, if it's not then there's nothing I can do about it anyways, so fuck it, once enough shit goes down in the news I'll move, or do what ever I can so I can get the better end.

Chances are things are worse somewhere else, I know I wouldn't want to live in China or Africa and probably a shit load of other places.

I'm straight forward, I have pride.
I'm stubborn as shit.

I'm not sorry for not knowing all the details to everything in this universe.
I am sorry that you do.
I deal with matters of the heart, the heart felt side of life.
I'm an analytical son of a bitch.

Ask for pie I'll bring cake.
Ask for humor, I'll lulz you to a coma.
As for peace I'll give you pie.

I don't forgive, I don't forget, but I can look past things.

You can call me what you like, I still love you.
And I love the ground you walk on.

I may not know the composition of dirt, but I know it's worth.

I write shitty poetry that you all might give fake compliments to.
I'll help you when even the trash on the street turns it's head away from you.

I have ears, I have a mouth, I use them both accordingly.
But be warned, three's the limit, I help those who choose to listen, I help those who ask.
I will not help anyone who sits there and does not take my words for what they are.


Me: You need to stop doing drugs.

Fuck you.
Go do drugs, your brain's already dead.

Don't come to me telling me I need help.
I don't lead a double life, I have bad habits, so do you.
I'm not going insane I'm not planing on driving off a cliff.
My mother would gun me down before I even got near a cliff.

Don't treat me like shit and then talk to me like nothing is wrong, I will chew you up.

I HATE when people do that, I also hate when people "forget" all the bad things that have ever happened.
Negatives are what have shaped you as a person.
Why forget something you should be thankful for.
Your father raped you, YES I'M SO THANKFUL.
No you dumb ass, if that's what you thought, please don't ever add me or talk to me.

You should appreciate the negatives in your life because without them you wouldn't be the person you are today you wouldn't have the morals or thought process you have now.
Assuming you are proud of who you are.
If you're not then, why are you this way?
Not that I care because who you are is none of my concern.

I'm not a vegetarian because I think humans should eat plants and not animals because it's wrong.
I'm a vegetarian because I don't want animals to suffer on my behalf, and because the thought of eating something that was once alive grosses me out to no end.

Screaming and shaking is something I do when there's roaches and lizards and other critters around.

I love my friends but I know none of them are permanent.
Except for David.
People come and go, but I'm etched into David's life.
We don't have much in common, we suck and conversation most of the time.
I don't know why we're friends but if I were ever to be asked if I had a brother I'd gladly say his name.
I'm not going to tell him about this blog, knowing him he'd never read past this far.

I'm not one to be fond of girls, I think they're all pretty irritating.
I'd rather hang out with guys most of the time, but through out the years I've realized there's more of them that have actually turned out to be quite the non-bitch.

I make fun of EVERYONE.
Don't feel bad you're not alone.

I will not cheat on my boyfriend, don't get your hopes up.
Who ever I'm with right now, is my everything, my life, my heart, my little ____ (insert cute word).

I delete people from life, but I cannot ignore anyone.
The only person I've somewhat managed to ignore is pretty much completely out fo my life.
I wonder if he still sleeps with that panda.
I hope he didn't throw it away, because that's just not fair to the panda.

I honestly don't know why I'm writing this.


Heaven sent
We're seemingly waiting
Just to be broken
Seeking redemption
(Hear me hear me)
I've done some breaking
(of my own)
Blindly standing around
Wanting to break down

Save me Save me
I'm falling up now
I'm sorry for wanting
Every things obtained

Draw me Draw me
Before I disappear

This is the last time
Last thing we've all wanted
Don't provoke me
(it's ours for the taking)
Don't entice me
(it's yours for the taking)

Paying with a
thousand million one tons

Save me save me
I'm falling up now
I'm sorry for wanting
Every things obtained

Shape me shape me
Every thing's finally coming clear

The world has come
this is us for what we are
take us now or leave is to ripe

this is the time we've come from blind
shining the light upon out eyes

come rain

come shine

come rain come shine tonight

v--- Wtf, lol.

I want love thicker than the skies
chopped up bangs
and a carpenters eyes

I want to suck dick
while driving stick
and layering bricks
fucking with men
and insecurities

Dealing with septics
touching non believers
and kicking the faithful

What do you want from me
Satan bound me
God hath criticized me

Needing me
Wanting me
Leaving me

For comfort
For selfish needs
For foliage

For you
You bottom dwelling scum
you negligent Tweedledumb

one to many beers
You're gone.

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